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Privacy Policy and Affiliate Marketing

Any information you provide will never be sold or shared with anyone. 

Customers in the EU: we comply with all GDPR standards. We take your rights seriously.

When you click on links to Amazon, Apple, Kobo or Google you are clicking on an affiliate link. Those links use a tracking cookie to pay the author a small percentage of the proceeds of your purchase. As an affiliated associate of these retailers, we are compensated for purchases you make after clicking through from this site.

From time to time we may add affiliate programs for other products, too.

If you are logged onto Facebook when you visit this site, a tracking pixel generated by Facebook may remember you as a visitor to, and you may see ads for Isabella's books on Facebook from time to time. Facebook stores this connective information and never shares your name or any of your data with us. We do not have access to your Facebook data in any capacity.

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